Followers of spiritual leader Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi in a camp in Probolinggo, East Java. (Antara Photo/Umarul Faruq)

Spiritual Leader Dimas Kanjeng Probed for Murder and Fraud


OCTOBER 05, 2016

Jakarta. Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi, a spiritual leader from Probolinggo, East Java, has been arrested and questioned for alleged murder and fraud.

Dimas has captured the public attention after the news spread that he is able to multiply cash.

He was arrested in Probolinggo on Sept. 22, and accused of killing two of his followers, Abdul Gani and Hidayah Ismail.

Abdul was a key witness in the National Police's Rp 25 billion ($1.9 million) fraud investigation involving Dimas. His naked body was found near Gajah Mungkur Dam in Wonogiri, Central Java, on April 23.

Hidayah, one of the leaders of Dimas's spiritual group, was found dead in Situbondo, East Java, in February 2015.

Police believe the murders were ordered by Dimas.

They have named 10 suspects in the killings, including two active members of the Indonesian Military (TNI) and three former soldiers. Six persons have been arrested, while four others – including a soldier – remain at large.

The initial investigation into the murders led police to probe the fraud.

When Dimas's complex in Probolinggo was sealed off for examination, dozens of his loyalists stayed at a camp nearby, waiting for the return of their spiritual leader and the money he had promised to multiply.

Probolinggo Political and National Unity Office head Yudha Triwidya Sasongko said on Wednesday (05/10) that Dimas's followers gave him cash with the hope that he would multiply it by a 100.

He added that it was difficult to remove the group from the site as they feared they might lose the cash they entrusted to Dimas. The amounts they handed over ranges between Rp 10 million and Rp 150 million per person.

Based on tipoffs from witnesses, the police have confiscated around 500 kilograms of counterfeit gold in Makassar, South Sulawesi, from a house that belonged to businesswoman Najmiah Muin, who died in Singapore on May. 8.

"We confiscated four suitcases containing cash in foreign currencies and a box of counterfeit gold," South Sulawesi Police chief Insp. Gen. Anton Charliyan said.

According to Najmiah's oldest son, Najmur Muin, his mother handed Rp 200 billion in cash to Dimas, who promised to turn it into Rp 18 trillion after several years.

Thousands of Followers

Dimas's exact number of followers remains unclear, but according to some reports, his religious group has over 3,000 members in East Java alone.

One of his loyalists is Marwah Daud Ibrahim, a politician from the Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra). She is also an advisory board member of the Indonesian Muslim Scholars Association (ICMI) and a former member of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Marwah serves as chairwoman of the Dimas Kanjeng Taat Pribadi Foundation, which collected the money from Dimas's followers.

The spiritual group emerged in 2005 and as its leader, Dimas has routinely conducted rituals at its complex in Probolinggo.